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Iberia, officially registered as Iberia, Líneas Aéreas de España, S.A. Operadora, Sociedad Unipersonal, represents the preeminent flag carrier airline of Spain, tracing its origins back to its establishment in 1927. Situated in the bustling heart of Madrid, the airline operates a comprehensive international network of services, primarily stemming from its principal hub, Madrid–Barajas Airport. In collaboration with Iberia Regional (administered by the autonomous carrier Air Nostrum) and Iberia Express, it contributes to the multifaceted consortium known as International Airlines Group. Beyond its core function of passenger and freight transportation, Iberia Group engages in a spectrum of associated pursuits, encompassing aircraft maintenance, airport ground handling, sophisticated IT systems, and in-flight culinary provisioning. The collective might of Iberia Group airlines extends to over 109 destinations across 39 countries, with an additional 90 destinations being accessible through strategic code-sharing affiliations with an array of other global carriers.

The annals of aviation history marked a pivotal moment on 8 May 2010, when the world learned of the harmonious merger agreement inked between British Airways and Iberia. This strategic amalgamation catapulted the consolidated entity to the third-largest commercial airline globally in terms of revenue. Subsequent to unanimous approval by shareholders of both carriers on 29 May 2010, the newly amalgamated conglomerate, christened International Airlines Group (IAG), formally took shape in May 2011. Importantly, both British Airways and Iberia maintained their distinct brand identities while operating under the IAG umbrella.

Notably, Iberia exercises a significant ownership stake, accounting for 9.49%, in the vibrant low-cost carrier Vueling, headquartered in proximity to Barcelona, with the remainder (90.51%) held by the parent company, IAG. This equity distribution strategy was devised to prevent IAG from attaining full control of Vueling, ensuring a division of shares. Moreover, Iberia holds a 0.95% share in the equity of Royal Air Maroc.

Iberia has cultivated pivotal alliances in the aviation sphere, affiliating with major industry players such as American Airlines, Qantas, Avianca, and British Airways. An additional milestone was reached on 1 May 1999 when Iberia officially became a part of the Oneworld alliance.

Historically, Iberia was the proprietor of Aviaco, the carrier chiefly responsible for servicing domestic routes. Founded on 18 May 1948, Aviaco operated until 1 May 1999. Similarly, Iberia's ownership extended to Binter Canarias until the Spanish government initiated the privatization of the subsidiary. Hesperia Inversiones Aéreas assumed ownership of the airline from Iberia in May 2002. In a related development, a subsidiary named Binter Mediterraneo was established by Iberia in 1988, catering to routes between Melilla and Málaga, Almeria, Valencia, and, in its final operational year, Madrid. This particular subsidiary was subsequently acquired by Air Nostrum in 1998 and merged into its operations, at which time it operated a fleet of CN-235 aircraft.

Iberia occupies a prominent position as a founding partner in the innovative computerized air ticket reservation system, Amadeus, boasting an 18.28% stake in this pioneering enterprise. Additionally, the airline extends its operational scope into the realm of tour operations through its Viva Tours and Tiempo Libre divisions, with Cacesa providing essential parcel shipment services.

Furthermore, Iberia serves as an aircraft maintenance powerhouse, catering not only to its own fleet but also to that of 48 other airlines, including some of the most prominent European carriers. Additionally, Iberia offers comprehensive aircraft handling services at all Spanish airports, along with two airports in Equatorial Guinea. In total, the airline's clientele encompasses over 200 aviation entities, employing a workforce numbering approximately 7,300 skilled professionals.


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