Rover Referral Code

Rover Referral Code

Rover Referral Code




For those venturing into the realm of pet care with Rover, a delightful journey awaits, particularly in the realm of bonuses and rewards courtesy of the Rover Referral Code program. It is essential to note that the information herein may not reflect the most current details, and for the utmost accuracy, individuals are strongly advised to visit Rover's official website.

Be it an aspiring pet owner in search of reliable services or a compassionate pet sitter keen on lending their expertise, the Rover Referral Code presents a wealth of benefits for all.

Discover the optimal way to harness its advantages:

  1. Access via the Referral Link: Initiating your Rover experience with a bonus is as effortless as a leisurely stroll. To unlock these rewards, a mere click on the referral link, thoughtfully provided by a friend or contact already immersed in the world of Rover, is all it takes. This specialized link serves as your portal to a treasure trove of bonuses.
  2. Enroll as a Pet Owner or Pet Sitter: Rover caters comprehensively to the needs of both pet owners in quest of superlative pet care services and pet sitters poised to contribute their skillsets. Upon registration through the referral link, you can choose your role based on your specific requirements.
  3. Variable Bonus Amounts: It is important to bear in mind that the rewards reaped from the Rover Referral Code may exhibit variance contingent upon your geographical location. Rover extends diverse bonuses in different regions, which means that the bonus you receive might diverge from that of a friend residing in another city. Nevertheless, take solace in the fact that a bonus is en route.
  4. Conditions Apply: Rover's benevolence extends beyond the initial sign-up phase. To ensure equity and integrity in the allocation of referral bonuses, these are typically credited to your account after availing of Rover's services within a predetermined period. This window of time typically spans around 90 days. Thus, whether you are a pet owner who has discovered the ideal sitter or a pet sitter who has provided exemplary care, your bonus will await you after this trial period. It is crucial to underscore that the content herein may have aged, emphasizing the importance of always consulting Rover's official website for the latest information.

In summary, the Rover Referral Code emerges as your golden key to unlock rewards in the realm of pet care. Simply engage with the referral link, determine your role as a pet owner or pet sitter, and bask in the assurance that your bonus will materialize in your account after experiencing Rover's exceptional service. Be it seeking care for your beloved pet or extending your pet-sitting prowess to others, Rover stands steadfastly by your side, rewarding your loyalty. However, it is imperative to diligently verify all terms and conditions on Rover's official website to ensure the possession of the most precise and up-to-date information.


Imagine being in a situation where one knows a potential pet sitter or dog walker who seems like a perfect fit for Rover. In such a scenario, referring them to Rover could lead to the user earning a $50 Visa gift card after the referred individual becomes a sitter and completes their first stay within 90 days. The delivery of gift cards happens via email approximately 30 days after a booking gets confirmed.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. Access the Dashboard: Start by navigating to the dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the user's name located in the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting "Dashboard."
  2. The Scroll and Click Maneuver: Within the dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of the page where the "Refer a sitter, get $50" section is found. Click on "Invite a Friend."
  3. Spread the Word: Now, it's time to share the referral. Users have the option to refer their friends through various channels, including email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by simply copying their direct URL.

However, there's a crucial caveat to remember. The promo code is exclusively for new Rover members who are recruited through the user's profile link. It's essential to familiarize oneself with the rules and restrictions, which can be found in Rover's "Terms of Service."


Imagine a world where you can share the love for pet care services with your friends and also benefit from it. Well, Rover makes it possible! When you refer a friend, they get a generous $20 credit to use on Rover, and as a bonus, you'll earn a $20 credit for your next booking after they complete a service.

Here's how you can refer a friend in just a few simple steps:

  1. Log in and Kickstart: Begin by logging into your Rover account. Once you're in, keep an eye out for the "Give $20, Get $20" button, located at the top of any page.
  2. Choose Your Referral Method: Next, it's time to select your preferred method of referral. You have the option to choose from email, Facebook, Twitter, or you can simply copy your unique direct link.
  3. Share the Rover Love: Share your referral link with your friends and guide them to sign up through that link. This is crucial for them to receive their $20 credit.
  4. Follow the Prompts: Rover makes the referral process a breeze. Just follow the prompts, and you're all set!

Additionally, you can access the referral window right from your dashboard. Just click on the "Invite a Friend" button within the "Refer a friend, get $20" box.

Once your friend completes their first service, expect a $20 promo code to land in your email inbox within 24-48 hours. You can then add this code to your account and use it towards your next Rover booking.

However, there are a few important points to keep in mind. To ensure your friend receives their referral credit, they must create a new Rover account using your unique referral link. Also, if someone in their household already has a Rover account, they won't be eligible for this credit.

And of course, as with any offer, there are rules and restrictions in place. For a full understanding of these, make sure to read Rover's "Terms of Service."


Rover emerges as the preeminent network of dedicated pet sitters and dog walkers, offering an expansive platform tailored to discerning pet owners in search of exceptional services for their beloved companions. Rover's foundational belief is elegantly straightforward yet profoundly heartfelt: every individual merits the limitless companionship of a pet, and Rover's noble mission is to facilitate the realization of that connection.

Established in the year 2011, Rover's web and app-based platforms have conscientiously united pet enthusiasts with compassionate pet sitters and dog walkers, fostering a robust community that spans across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. It serves as a global conduit that unites like-minded individuals who share an unwavering affection for their furry counterparts.

Rover endows its community of trusted pet sitters and dog walkers with a comprehensive toolkit and the unwavering support of a worldwide organization. This empowerment enables individuals to operate their pet care services with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they are backed by a reputable and formidable entity.

The statistics stand as a testament to Rover's remarkable impact. Millions of pet care services have been seamlessly arranged through the platform, and the joy it has disseminated is evidenced by the thousands of contentedly wagging tails. Rover operates across more than ten nations, spanning over 24,000 neighborhoods globally, and caters to the diverse needs of over two million pet owners. The platform boasts a multitude of 5-star reviews from elated pet proprietors, a resounding endorsement of the caliber of service and care it offers.

Rover's approach to pet care is anchored in an unyielding commitment to safety, trust, and the overall well-being of our cherished pets. To uphold these principles, the platform extends an array of features designed to support both pet owners and sitters. These include authenticated reviews from pet owners, comprehensive background checks and identity verifications for sitters, 'Meet & Greets' to ensure the perfect synergy between pets and caregivers, reservation protection for each booking, and around-the-clock Trust & Safety Support.

Rover goes above and beyond by providing veterinary guidance to sitters during their bookings and maintains a dedicated team of trust and safety experts. Sitters have access to ongoing educational resources, elevating their pet care proficiency. Additionally, Rover extends vet care reimbursement through the Rover Guarantee, ensuring that pets receive the necessary attention they require.

In the realm of pet care, Rover transcends mediocrity. Whether your needs entail a day of dog walking, an extended period of overnight boarding, or daily visits for your feline companions, Rover seamlessly matches your requisites, your pet's unique needs, and your lifestyle.

What sets Rover apart is its unwavering dedication to treating pets as cherished family members. The platform's unwavering adherence to this principle has culminated in the arrangement of over 42 million services via Rover. For pets, they are not merely animals but treasured members of the family, and Rover embodies this understanding like no other.


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