Buy House in Cascais

Buy House in Cascais

January 1, 2023 Articles 0
buy house in cascais today

Buy House in Cascais

Want to buy a house in Cascais? Have you visited our beautiful town and its beaches and fell in love with it? We want to help you find the perfect house! Let us know exactly what you want and we will find it for you! The best part is that the service is completely free and you won't be obliged to buy or rent any of the properties we present you with!

Why Move to Cascais?

Cascais is a county seat town that brings together a multitude of attractions that make it perhaps one of the most recognized places of Portugal, one of the most pleasant places to live, and certainly one of the most desirable to invest. First of its location near Lisbon gives us the best you can find in the capital with the exclusivity of a medium-sized village, full of charm and good reasons to be chosen as a place to live.

This location within walking distance of major highways connecting to Lisbon and, consequently, the main national roads is essential to ensure your peace in Cascais can quickly be replaced by any other point in the region and the country, satisfying any need either professional or any other nature.

The coastline of Cascais, with almost constant rail links, also favors the village and allows a quick, convenient and safe mobility for journeys of all kinds to people who for whatever reason prefer the comfort of the train rather than drive your own car. Also, the international airport of Lisbon, Portela, lies at a distance of about 30 km from Cascais, offering privileged access, creating an easy link with the rest of the world.

Cascais location is also privileged in terms of weather conditions. Cascais has a mild climate throughout the year due to it being sheltered by the Serra de Sintra that protects the village from cold temperatures and rain. Cascais has about 260 days a year without rain. The temperature in Cascais is hot-tempered during the summer, with highs of 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum average of 19 Celsius at night in summer, and in the colder months of the rare dip of 10º centigrade year as a minimum, maintaining an average daytime temperature 17º centigrade in May due to oceanic influences from the south. Also for these reasons Cascais is certainly a place to be strongly equated to live, visit, or invest.